Over the past 14 years in the current studio we have been involved in the conservation of some amazing and precious textile objects from across the National Trust’s collections.

Here you will see some of our past projects. They illustrate the variety of objects and show some of the challenges we have faced.


James II bed, Knole

The James II bed, one of three state beds at Knole in Kent has a long history. It was comissioned on the 24th August 1688 during the short reign of James II, by the ‘Master of the Wardrobe’ in Whitehall – to supply ‘a bedd of greene and gold figured Velvet with Scarlet and white… Continue reading James II bed, Knole

Spangled bed, Knole

You can read all about Knole in Kent in this edition of the National Trust Historic Houses and Collections Annual. The article on page 35 by Edward Town and Elizabeth Fryman features research into the origins of the Spangled bed that we are currently conserving. NT Historic Houses and Collections Annual 2016 Spangled bed discoveries… Continue reading Spangled bed, Knole

Seal bags from Westminster Abbey

Jane Smith one of our Textile Conservators tells about about some 12th and 13th century items she has recently worked on for Westminster Abbey.These beautiful objects are currently on display at the V&A’s Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery exhibition. I recently worked on two seal bags from Westminster Abbey. Seal bags were used… Continue reading Seal bags from Westminster Abbey

Chenille carpet, Cragside

In Spring 2015 we finished and returned a large 6 x 9m chenille carpet from Cragside House in Northumberland. Cleaning The Cragside dining room carpet is a Chenille wool faced carpet possibly manufactured by Templetons around 1870-80 specifically for the room. It is an Axminster construction with a wool warp and weft foundation, with jute stuffer… Continue reading Chenille carpet, Cragside

We’re on the map!

In 2013-2014 the Studio had the privilege of conserving a wonderful tapestry map owned by the Oxford University Bodleian Library. It now hangs in pride of place at the Blackwell Hall in the newly opened Weston Building where it can be viewed by the visiting public. Depicting the county of Worcestershire, the tapestry is in three fragments.… Continue reading We’re on the map!

Dunham Massey Chairs

These are three chairs from a set of ten from the Green Saloon at Dunham Massey. The chairs are upholstered in a rust / cinnamon coloured silk voided velvet which has deteriorated over the years. The chairs came to us very dusty and dirty with pile on the velvet missing and holes in the silk fabric.… Continue reading Dunham Massey Chairs

Reviving the Lound Reredos

As well as work for National Trust properties we also take on conservation for private clients. Below is information about conservation work we have recently completed for St John the Baptist Church in Lound, Suffolk. If you require information about possible conservation treatments we can provide then please contact the studio. Description and History The… Continue reading Reviving the Lound Reredos

A box of secrets

This mid 17th century, elaborately decorated, stumpwork box would have been the ideal place for a young girl to keep her personal belongings. This type of work was often a culmination of a girl’s needlework skills. It would have been bought in kit form and put together by the supplier. The techniques involved padded appliqué,… Continue reading A box of secrets

Scipio Victorius

The End of an Epic Conservation Project… The end of 2013 saw the end of a tapestry conservation project that began 29 years earlier, in 1984. The set of eight Brussels tapestries from Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, dating from c. 1580, depict scenes from the campaigns of Scipio Africanus, a Roman General. The final tapestry of the… Continue reading Scipio Victorius