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The great cover up

February 2017 saw the completion of the eleventh Gideon tapestry ‘Gideon choosing his army’. At 6m x 9m this is the largest tapestry in the National Trust’s collection. The last stage before rehanging the tapestry was lining the tapestry. This meant the top border had to be re-stitched to the mainfield. This required the full… Continue reading The great cover up

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Caffoy Curtains and Pelmet from the Kings Room, Knole, Kent,

As part of the Knole major project we have been undertaking a number of textile conservation projects for Knole. Here Jane Smith, Senior Conservator tells us about the work she and the team have been undertaking on the Caffoy curtains and Pelmet from the Kings Room at Knole. The Curtains The curtains are made from… Continue reading Caffoy Curtains and Pelmet from the Kings Room, Knole, Kent,

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Production of a printed photographic infill patch

The tapestry, ‘Leander taking leave of his parents’ (c. 1660-90), is from the King Charles Room at Cotehele, Cornwall, and has been at the Textile Conservation Studio in Norfolk since March 2015. It is one of three tapestries in the ‘Hero and Leander’ set at the property, measures 285cm high x 579cm wide and is… Continue reading Production of a printed photographic infill patch

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Noble Woman Lucretia Rehung

Hello, my name is Terri Dewhurst and I am the new Levy Intern at the Textile Conservation Studio. I feel very lucky and extremely excited to take on this new role working for the National Trust. Prior to joining the team at the studio I studied conservation at The University of Lincoln; I also worked… Continue reading Noble Woman Lucretia Rehung

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2. Spangled bed discoveries

Following on from our previous blog post about the conservation work we are undertaking on the curtains from the Spangled bed in Knole. Here is another update on some of the work that has been completed: By April 2014 the coarse red net had been removed from the back of both curtains, previous stitch repairs had been… Continue reading 2. Spangled bed discoveries