Contact details

National Trust

Textile Conservation Studio

Malthouse Barn

Oulton Street


NR11 6AF

Tel: 01263 735878



4 thoughts on “Contact details”

  1. I enjoyed the article in the latest National Trust magazine which highlighted the wonderful painstaking work that you do.

    I am hoping that you could advise me on a textile restoration question I have;

    I have a small embroidery, created by my Grandfather while he was imprisoned during the Irish Civil War in 1923. It is a commemoration for his fallen comrades and for the cause of Irish independence.

    Unfortunately It is suffering from colour bleeding between the stitching, due to previous attempts to clean it, along with some mould marking / damage.

    Can you recommend a restoration company in the South East of England where I could get this piece appraised and hopefully cleaned / restored / professionally mounted?
    Many thanks.
    James Heaphy

  2. What splendid work you do! I am looking forward to returning to England and visiting Haddon Hall to see the conserved tapestries! As a Weaver I am very interested in the linsey-wolsey painted shields on the Gideon tapestries. Is it possible to find out the thread count of the warp and weft? Regards Katrina Hunt.

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Thank you, that’s kind of you to say.
      The latest Gideon tapestry has now returned to Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire.
      The thread count of the shields on the latest conserved tapestry is about 15 warps and wefts/centimeter, I hope this helps.

      The National Trust Textile Conservation team

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