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A jolly to Jarrold Printing Museum

Last Thursday the Studio closed for the day so we could all enjoy our Christmas outing. But before we could indulge in a delicious Christmas lunch we visited the the John Jarrold Printing Museum in Norwich, beautifully located next to the river Wensum.


The John Jarrold Printing Museum was founded in 1982 by the Jarrold family, who used to run a printing and binding company in the city for many years. It is a working museum, which means it has an impressive collection of printing machines and equipment, some of which are still used by volunteers and printers.

We were given a guided tour by some very knowledgeable volunteers, whose passion for all things printing and whose practical experience in the industry shone through.

The tour covered a wide range of printing techniques, from hand-set typefaces in all sizes and hand-operated printing presses to early mechanical printers like the monotype and linotype and even lithographic presses.

A volunteer guide showing how to use a monotype
A volunteer explaining the workings of one of the bigger printers

We all were truly fascinated and loved our visit to the printing museum, mainly thanks to the enthusiasm of the volunteers. We can absolutely recommend it as both and educational and fun visit.

More information can be found on the John Jarrold Printing Museum website.


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