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Topsy-Turvy Conservation – A Mexican adventure

Last month Senior Conservator Rosamund Weatherall went to Mexico to talk about the conservation treatment of the Spangled Bed from Knole in Kent. The presentation “Topsy-turvy conservation: consolidating and wet cleaning the embellished hangings from the Spangled Bed, Knole” was presented at the North American Textile Conservation Conference in Mexico City.

Rosamund presentation
Presenting at NATCC in New Mexico

The conference was a combination of lectures and workshops. One of the workshops attended by Rosamund and Jane from the Studio was given by Richard Wolbers and looked at more advanced ways of wet cleaning historic textiles.

Wet cleaning workshop

The presentation given by Rosamund focused on the treatment of the embellishments – like the strapwork, applique, metal threads, braids, etc. – on the Spangled Bed and the wet cleaning.

Mexico presentation
Powerpoint slide on stabilization of the curtain applique
Mexico presentation3
Powerpoint slide on stitching the spangles and purl




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