Studio life

Location, Location, Location!

The Studio is privileged to be working on a 16th century English tapestry depicting the county of Oxfordshire owned by the Bodleian Library, Oxford University.  It is one of a set of three map tapestries (Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, also in fragments) owned by University of Oxford, with a fourth tapestry (Warwickshire) in the set owned by Warwickshire Museum Service.

This is the second of these map tapestries that have been conserved at the Studio (for more information click here). We completed the work on the Worcestershire tapestry in October 2014 and it can now be seen hanging in the newly refurbished Weston Building of the Bodleian Library, which is open to the public and the Library staff give a short talk on the tapestry each day and there is a very good café too.

Map of Oxfordshire – Before conservation

We are currently working on the map of Oxfordshire. Sadly Oxfordshire is more fragmentary than Worcestershire, but luckily Oxford itself has survived as has a pre Great Fire of London London, showing a London Bridge with buildings on it.

Everyone who visits the Studio has great fun spotting somewhere that means something to them.  The Director General of The National Trust, Helen Gosh recently spotted her old school.

As we documented, taking 1:1 photographs of the whole tapestry before any work was carried out, we were able to spot several National Trust properties.

Can you spot them too? We have linked these to the NT web pages for you.

Bodleian blog 1.jpg

Oxterley – Osterley Park and House


Bodleian blog 2.jpg

White Horse Hill


Bodleian blog 3

Grais Court – Greys Court

Nuffeld – Nuffield Place

Bodleian blog 4.jpg

West Wickham – West Wycombe

Bodleian blog 5.jpg

Stow – Stowe

Bodleian blog 6.jpg

Sherborn – Sherborne Estate



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