James II, Knole, State bed

The final hurdle

Final phase of James II Bed, Knole

Before conservation

After a 4 year wait for funding we are now on the final stages of conservation of the James II Bed from Knole in Sevenoaks, Kent. This project was started back in 2004 with a pilot project on the cantonnieres. These are narrow curtains which sit over the bedposts to cover the join where the foot and side curtains meet.

We began on the final phase with the deinstallation of the framework in November 2016; removing the 3 mattresses, cornices and tester from the bed posts and finally the bed rails.

During deinstallation – Removing the tester

After removing the tester from the foot posts it became apparent we could just about remove it from the room but could not remove it from Knole as the doors were too small.

All parts were given a careful surface clean on site

Vacuuming the reverse of the tester

We decided to separate the tester into two parts, an outer frame and inner dome to pack.

Outer frame
Inner dome

After careful packing of the tester and cornices into specially created boxes, it will soon be on its travels to Norfolk where we will begin treatment later this month.

Keep posted for further updates and to read more about the work we have done previously on the bed, click here.


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